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FACT offers free webinars and an online forum for humane farmers. Please join us to expand your farming knowledge and to share your experience!

Upcoming Webinars

Oct 24: Best Practices for Pastured Poultry Health, Production & Profit
Join us to learn more about how to run a successful pastured poultry operation. Mike Badger, Executive Director of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA) and owner of Badger’s Millside Farm in Pennsylvania, will share some best practices for raising birds on pasture.

Date: Tuesday, October 24
Time: 6pm CST/7pm EST

Webinar Archive

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>>Pastured Pork Production (12/09/2015)

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>>Sustainable Poultry Breeding & Production (3/18/2015)

Humane Farming Forum

Our Humane Farming Forum facilitates networking, sharing of opportunities, and peer-to-peer education for humane poultry and livestock farmers.

Purpose & use of the Humane Farming Forum
Members of the Humane Farming Forum are invited to share information and ask questions of the group via email. Posts should be of interest to humane livestock and poultry farmers. Topics of discussion can include, but are not limited to: animal husbandry techniques, challenges & innovations, events for farmers, relevant research on humane farming, funding opportunities, marketing questions and ideas.

How to join the forum
To join, please visit!forum/humane-farming-forum and click “Subscribe to this group.”


FACT’s mission is to improve the welfare of food producing animals, broaden opportunities for humane farmers, and address the public health problems that come from the production of meat, milk, and eggs. More about FACT...