FACT and Humane Farmers: Partners in Farm Animal Welfare

The Fund-A-Farmer Project is a project of Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT). Founded in 1982, FACT is a national nonprofit organization based in Chicago that promotes humane farming and advocates for for the safe production of meat, milk, and eggs. FACT also helps consumers make humane and healthy choices. FACT believes that all farm animals should be granted adequate space, access to the outdoors, clean water and air, the opportunity to express their natural behaviors, and safe feed.

Years ago, FACT pioneered successful projects working with farmers to create markets for humanely raised veal and eggs produced by uncaged hens. The Fund-A-Farmer Project builds on those past successes and FACT’s belief that one of the best ways to improve farm animal welfare is to work directly with farmers.

FACT’s Fund-A-Farmer Project awards grants and facilitates peer-to-peer farmer education to increase the number of animals that are raised humanely. It is designed to empower farmers to positively impact farm animal welfare. Farmers often want to make on-farm changes to give their animals a better life, but sometimes need financial assistance to make it happen. We recognize that farmers have the needed technical expertise to make farms more humane, and can effectively use small grants and other resources to make these changes possible.

To learn more about FACT, and all the other neat things we work on, please visit our main website at www.foodanimalconcerns.org, and please check out our weekly blog to keep up-to-date on the Fund-a-Farmer Project.


FACT’s mission is to improve the welfare of food producing animals, broaden opportunities for humane farmers, and address the public health problems that come from the production of meat, milk, and eggs. More about FACT