FACT offers free webinars and an online forum for humane farmers. Please join us to expand your farming knowledge and to share your experience!

Upcoming Webinars

March 6: Rotating Your Animals & Vegetables: Tips for Managing Fertility, Disease and Pest Control

Are you looking to better integrate your animal and crop production? Tony Miller from Whitefeather Organics, a former Fund-a-Farmer grant recipient, will present on how he manages intensive animal rotations on his diversified operation. This webinar will provide insights on planning for animal and veggie rotations, tips for composting on farm eviscerations and animals, and design ideas for rotation ease.

Date: Monday, March 6, 2017
Time: 2:30pm CST/3:30pm EST
Duration: 45 minutes
Register: http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EC59DC8780463B

March 21: Goats & Sheep: Raising Browsers & Grazers

Do you have questions about raising sheep and goats on your operation? Please join us for this webinar! Two of FACT’s past Fund-a-Farmer grantees will be presenting: Geoff McPherson of Good Life Ranch and Tony Koch of Koch Ranches. The farmers will share their experience with managing and protecting animals on pasture, from tips for effective fencing to practical advice for multi-species rotational grazing.

Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Time: 6pm EST
Duration: 60 minutes
Register: anymeeting.com/PIID=EC59DB86804E39


>>Sustainable Poultry Breeding & Production (3/18/2015)
>>Fencing: Getting it Right (5/20/2015)
>>Pastured Pork Production (12/09/2015)
>>Tips of the Trade: Creative Marketing for Humane Farms (3/8/2016)
>>Birds on the Move: Mobile Housing for Poultry on Pasture (3/24/2016)
>>Tips for Applying for a Fund-a-Farmer Grant (10/25/2016)
>>Understanding Farm Animal Welfare Certification (2/2/2017)
>>Winter Housing for Poultry (2/9/2017)
>>Operating a Meat CSA (2/27/2017)

Humane Farming Forum

Our Humane Farming Forum facilitates networking, sharing of opportunities, and peer-to-peer education for humane poultry and livestock farmers.

Purpose & use of the Humane Farming Forum

Members of the Humane Farming Forum are invited to share information and ask questions of the group via email. Posts should be of interest to humane livestock and poultry farmers. Topics of discussion can include, but are not limited to: animal husbandry techniques, challenges & innovations, events for farmers, relevant research on humane farming, funding opportunities, marketing questions and ideas.

How to join the forum

To join, please visit https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/humane-farming-forum and click “Subscribe to this group.”